The Mediterranean style is characterized by a strong sense of aesthetic and features decorative elements that are traditionally found in coastal regions around the world. These include large windows with wooden shutters, low-slung beds with colorful throws or tapestries, and vibrant accent pieces like woven baskets or rugs.

The master bathroom can be one of the most luxurious areas in your home where you can incorporate these same design elements to create an oasis within your home. Here are some tips from Wilson Home Remodeling experts for creating your own:

Use a distressed white cabinet with rustic hardware

Use a distressed white cabinet with rustic hardware. The use of distressed cabinets is one of the most common ways that homeowners infuse their Mediterranean style bathrooms with luxury.

Wash all the surfaces in your bathroom

White is a classic color that works well in any style of bathroom. It's neutral, clean and brightens up any space. White also makes the bathroom feel bigger, brighter and more open.

Give the bathroom lots of windows

In the Mediterranean style, a bathroom is not just a room for bathing. It's an elegant and relaxing space that serves many purposes. To create this effect, give your master bathroom lots of windows and allow plenty of light to filter in.

Stick to a color palette of neutrals

Just like a Mediterranean style living room, the use of neutrals and blues with pops of yellow or red and purple accent pieces will make your bathroom feel relaxed.Create a base color palette of white on the walls, flooring, and fixtures. Then add pops of color with pillows, plants, artwork and accessories as needed.

Add wrought iron towel racks or hooks

The bathroom can be your oasis of relaxation, and you can help it reach its full potential by adding a few strategically placed items. Wrought iron towel racks or hooks work well to add a bit of visual interest while also being functional. They're durable, they're easy on the eyes, and they come in many different styles that match your existing decor.

Choose lovely lighting fixtures

You might think that finding lovely lighting fixtures made from iron or wood that would look at home in a Tuscan farmhouse is impossible, but it’s actually quite easy to do. You can find these fixtures at your local hardware store and they are not expensive. They also install easily and can be used in any room of the house.

Hang curtains over windows or shower door

Curtains are the ultimate way to add a touch of style and elegance to any room. They can also be used to create privacy, while keeping the room bright. Whether you choose fabric curtains, wood or metal ones, hanging them from the ceiling or mounted on walls is an easy way to add more light into your Mediterranean style bathroom.


Mediterranean style is the perfect way to create an elegant, sophisticated bathroom that will be a joy to use. The key is to keep things clean, simple and neutral so that you can add pops of color in small accent pieces like pillows or towels. Don’t be afraid of using white marble on floors and countertops because it can make any space look luxurious without being too cold or clinical looking.